Tax & Compliance

Tax & Compliance

Tax CPA’s Tired of the Status Quo

Have you ever felt like your current CPA is running a sweatshop where quantity over quality matters? Maybe the only time they call you is to ask why you haven’t paid their bill yet? Everyone who works in the Motley Group taxation department comes from a background with renowned National CPA firms. However, they all grew tired of being in an industry whose culture hadn’t evolved or changed since the 60’s. We will keep up with you throughout the year to understand what is going on with your business. And only after fully understand your year will we start to work on your tax return. Everyone’s needs are different so why would you hire a CPA firm that treats every return the same?

Entity Formation

It is extremely important to select the right entity type when initially forming your company. We provide consulting services to make sure that you select the most beneficial entity type.

Tax Planning

Once you are up and running, we can provide tax estimates, projections, & cash flow analyses for your company.

Tax Return Preparation

Our tax preparers all come from backgrounds in tax compliance at large national CPA firms. With our experience in tax return preparation for businesses in the cannabis industry, you can rest assured knowing that your return will be prepared with the utmost care.

Exit Planning

Once you are ready to sell your business or bring on new partners and investors, we can help you with any M&A and transactional work that may arise.

Tax Preparation

We realize that filing a tax return is the last thing you want to deal with, but we are well versed with tax compliance for all types of entities. Whether your company is a corporation, partnership, or a solely owned and operated business, we’ll make sure no stone is unturned and you take advantage of all deductions and tax incentives available.

Section 280e Analysis

The most important aspect of federal taxation for a company that deals with marijuana. We understand the tax law, regulations, and countless other sources of authority to be relied upon to ensure that you are in compliance and paying as little tax as permitted.

Tax Estimates

The last thing you want to experience when you’re tax return is completed is to be surprised. Ongoing tax planning and estimates are crucial to cash flow management and avoiding unnecessary interest and penalties.

Entity Selection

Structuring a newly formed company or re-structuring a company is something that takes a great deal of foresight and planning. We understand the mechanics of entity formation and the effect of organizing an entity as a corporation to an LLC. When it comes to starting a business you want to make sure your assets are protected, and equity is in the right hands.

Sales Tax Compliance

The intricacies involved with ensuring that you’re properly withholding and remitting sales tax can be daunting, but we can help you understand the state and federal legislation surrounding sales tax, and how to structure your operations to be certain that you have controls in place to make absolutely sure you have the proper licenses and are withholding correctly.

Transactional Work

If you decide to sell your business, re-capitalize, admit a new partner, purchase a company, it’s important that the transaction be structured properly to achieve your financial and economic goals, in addition to making sure the undertaking is completed in a tax efficient manner.

Payroll Taxes

With our software integration team, we’ll help you with working with a payroll tax service provider to minimize the burden and risk of payroll tax compliance from the setup of a new employee to filing W-2s.

IRS Controversy

Receiving a tax notice from the IRS, or a notice of examination can be a serious business disruption. Throughout our years of experience, we know how to get these issues resolved so that you can put them behind you and do what you do best.

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