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Q: Do you work with clients in states other than Colorado?

A: Yes, we work with clients in all 50 states!

Q: Why would I choose a high end CPA firm when all I can deduct is Cost of Goods Sold?

A: Because there are many costs that can be captured as COGS under the tax code, it’s crucial that you work with an accountant that understands
the full extent of deductions that are permissible under the internal revenue code, regulations, court cases, and a multitude of other sources of guidance.

Q: How do you charge for your services?

A: With us you will get transparency, there are no hidden charges or up charges, unless there are extenuating circumstances that garner additional work unforeseen at the time of the proposal (we won’t charge you more unless we’ve communicated the additional scope of services being provided)

Q: What happens if I get audited?

A: We stand by our work, we won’t charge for the initial representation in an IRS examination, which includes responding to document requests,
response to notices, penalty abatement correspondence.

Q: Why should I choose Motley over another CPA firm?

A: We’ve got the experience of anyone at a large national CPA firm, but are ones that have taken the time and initiative to understand the
marijuana industry, and will proudly stand by our clients and are not timid to represent you, your company, and an industry in the bud of revelation.

Q: As an owner of a company in the industry, how will you benefit me?

A: Through the utilization of cloud based accounting, payroll, recordkeeping and other applications, we create a more efficient way to get your accounting and tax return preparation completed in a manner that ensures you won’t be burdened with routine and mundane requests for information. Plus, our vast knowledge of pertinent tax law and regulations will ensure that when you receive your tax bill, you won’t pay a dime more than what is required.